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Cancer is first of the top ten leading causes of death. It also was one of insurance favorite disease. It sounds scared and serious, but my dear member please doesn’t fear. Next, I'm going to introduce you “Origin of the Cancer”


Cancer (medical term: malignant neoplasm) is a class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth (division beyond the normal limits), invasion (intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissues).


Most of cell at human body don’t continue division and growth. Only when the cell be destroy, like liver and heart cell. In the other hand like hair, nail, skin, they all need to continue division and growth to keep they working normality. Usually Cell division will balance to apoptosis. And they will be strict control to ensure body working right.


Usually Cell division is like this(), The day and the week smooth themselves out in division, Because of DNA saltation so the regular process is change, The cancer cell was born, it look like this(). After that cancer cell will continue division, and they make tissue grow blood capillary to them, so cancer cell obtain more and more nutrition to grow up. When cancer cells are big enough, the division cancer cell invasion adjacent tissue and go to other tissue by blood bus.


The sub- cancer cell in other tissue will control by mother cancer cell secrete restrain factor, they don’t division and grow up, like bear sleep at winter, this is a reason that why cancer cutting surgery is so successfully, but new cancer cell will be find in the patient body just a short time, and new cancer cell grow up faster and bigger, like plant grow up at spring.



It is undeniable that cancer cell is a higher evolution of individual. It is very smart, move quick, a perfect Human killer. Also is a product of Natural Selection by Darwin, but ladies and gentlemen don’t be afraid. In general, the body need many DNA salutation then will make normal cell change to cancer cell, so probability is lower.

I have a dream in the future, we can control cancer cell absolutely make cancer be a history also can achieve Immortal, because body cell can continue division, we don’t old, we don’t die.

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(Captain speaking: ”Dear passengers, we’ll arrive at Beijing airport in 10 minutes, the local temperature outside is minus 12 degrees )

What? Minus 12 degrees? I’ve never experienced that kind of cold weather before. I’m really wondering what it’s like. Because my uncle is running his business in Beijing, I got a second chance to visit Beijing with my family. It’s really convenient that we only spent 3 hours by the direct flight.


Our China Airline flight arrived in Beijing in the afternoon. The Beijing airport is more beautiful than the last time I came. We picked up our baggage and then got into my uncle’s car. The weather was really cold. I could felt my ears almost coming off and my run nose was killing me. At the first night, my uncle told us to do a simple experiment. Just put a cup of water outside, and ten minutes later, an ice cube formed. What a freak cold weather!


Careless as I am, jokes came. Before me arriving in Beijing, our thoughtful PRVP Julian reminded me several times that I should have brought enough clothes, especially jerseys and pantyhose. The funny thing was that I did bring so many pairs of pantyhose, but no any other pants or skirts in my luggage. So I wore the same jeans for ten days. Thank you! Julian, I got such an unforgettable experience.


On the Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve, there were fireworks everywhere for celebrating. We saw the beautiful fireworks in the dark sky from our house. The great  atmosphere was amazing!


In the following days, my uncle took us to have the tasty lamb pot. It tasted so delicious although I don’t dare to have any lamb in Taiwan. After that, he took us to the ice show, to watch a temple fair. The National Stadium that people called the” Birds Nest” is where the 2008 Olympic was hold.  What a great structure! We also visited the Water Cube” and the” Great Wall” which are the most popular sights in Beijing. It was so touching and satisfying that I could see those beautiful places.


We started our self-help travel while my uncle was starting his own business. Beijing’s transportation was really great. If you take Subway, wherever you go, it cost you only NT10 dollars. It’s really cheap and more convenient than Taiwan.




天安門Square is a great tourist attraction, too. Ex-National President毛澤東’s picture was prominently placed at the front entrance because he still highly esteemed by the Chinese people.


The Palace Museum is behind the 天安門Square. It was so big that we couldn’t see it all within 3 hours. I bet you can’t imagine how big it was if you’ve never been there. It was really a great experience that we saw so many precious antiquities.


My ten days trip to Beijing gave me an unforgettable memory. I think there will be more beautiful things if I came next time. Dear fellow members, I hope that you will be have a chance to visit Beijing too.

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Object : Your Body Speaks

Title : Going to the concert


 “To stay or I’ll go with you?!” It’s the newest popular saying from the movie “Cape No. 7“.  In the past 1 year, the movie “Cape no. 7” created the new movie selling record of the Taiwanese film history. Last X’mas Eve, I got a phone call from my friend while I was writing a X’mas card to her. What a coincidence!! My friend told me that she got two free tickets for 范逸臣’s concert at small huge egg(小巨蛋Arena). She asked if I want to go with her that night. Of course I said yes to her because I was so looking forward to his concert since he is the hottest big shot recently. I dressed up myself right away and headed for to my friend’s place.


We got there around 7:00 p.m. There were people crowded outside of the concert court. Normally, if I go to a concert, I usually buy the middle row of seat where I can only see the small figure of the main character. But, not this time!! I was so surprised while my friend showed me the ticket. She got the VIP seat where I can see “A- Ga” in a close distance and lots of famous stars there as well. WOW!!! I was really so excited.


In the very beginning, A-Ga presented as a rocker. He changed his hair colors to orange like a pile of fire. The visual effect did light up the audience’s passion. Everyone in the court was screaming and dancing with him. After A few rock and roll songs and guitar plays, he changed himself to a gentle prince who sang the romantic love song for all his fans. I also felt so moved while listening to his wonderful singing.


To be honest with you, if you ask me that am I really an “A-Ga” fan? I would say “not really”!! Actually I am not that familiar with his fancy songs although he is so hot recently. The reason that drove me crazy about the concert is the special guest that he invited from Hong Kong. Who had published over 30 albums in Taiwan. She is also the main reason that I came to the concert. In Other word, I came to the concert for her (ladies and gentlemen…) Here comes Stella Chang (張清芳) !! I couldn’t help stop my loud screaming while I saw her standing just few meters away from me. It’s a super wonderful moment when I saw my own idol performing pleasing songs in front of me. You’ll never know that kind of great feeling if you had never been a crazy fan. After she sang two songs, she asked the audience “who came for me tonight?” All at once, I replied loudly “ I do “ ignoring all the other A-Ga’s fans next to me.  I got exhausting hoarseness after she finished all the songs. But I was so satisfied like a little baby.

What came next were all the other famous Cape No7 movie stars.

All of them came up the stage and sang together. The feeling was so great, and everyone who came to the big party got really high and had a great time. .


The concert was so spectacular, and I did enjoy it very much.For me, the only thing that different from other audience was that I came for Stella not A-Ga. Of course I was deeply addicted to the great atmosphere that night, especially while Stella came up.


In the end of the concert, A- Ga said that he’s not gonna having this concert if Cape No. 7 is not hot enough. But I believe that he must put into lots of effort to make this dream come true. Dear fellow members, we should all build up our dreams bravely. Someday, probably, our dreams and stories may also become hot movie materials.

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        Have you ever image to become a famous person someday, such as an Artist, a politician, a model or else..? Why is fame always so attractive? If you watch TV or magazines; the popularity makes those celebrities earn the money easier, the achievement makes them win the award, and the well-known makes them have some privileges, such as discount or special service. How colorful their life is?

They are just much more different and unique than we are. Besides that, are they really happy with their lives? We don’t really know, but once they become famous, they must pay for it. 


       Just like other artists and models, we always see how they fall in love, and break up; how much money they earn, how to beat their competitors, what kind food they eat, what kind of car they drive, even what kind of underwear they like. Who do they hang out with, any special relationship or scandal with that person? Their life is monitored by the paparazzi without any privacy. Every time when they walk on the street, they always prepare sunglasses and hat to avoid people who might recognize them. Moreover, any of their moves is under inspecting by the social responsibility, they can do nothing without morality; otherwise, they will lose the popularity and their job opportunities. I think that’s why we see more and more artists or models do something negative, such as drugs, violence or even suicide. The intensive pressure, no privacy and social judgments, are what they have to pay for the fame.


        Another good example, when the news highlights the death of the famous AV actor, Ms. Ai Lijima 飯島愛, few weeks ago, most of us were shocked, (I meant most of males were shocked), she was very important when we were teenagers. If we look back on her life, definitely, she had the fame and money, but she lost families, she lost friends and she never had true love. Even the final moment, no one knows what happened to her until she passed away. It’s very pitiful to see she paid for the fame in that way.


        Definitely, the fame itself is attractive enough, but what if you have both fame and power? It may not only bring you the pressure, it also comes with temptation. If we see those politicians, lots of them went to jail due to the illegal benefit. Just like our former president, (performance), even he didn’t admit the crime, but he is still detained in the jail, and he might lose the freedom for his rest of life. Is it worthwhile? That must be a big temptation.



There is another thing that politicians might lose, which is “the privacy of family history”. If you are interesting in anything that your families, relatives or even your great great grand father/ mather (ancestor) did, just be the candidate of the election campaign, I promise your competitor can tell you all the sorties. They knew more about your family history than yourself! Either to lose the freedom or the privacy of family history, they paid for the fame.


When I was teenager, I believed the best way, or even the only way, to be “somebody” is the fame, when I have it, I have everything. Of course, that’s not true; there are always different ways to be “somebody”. But once I have chance to live with fame, I should ask myself “Can I resist the temptation?” “Am I rich enough to pay for the fame?” Maybe one day you will still see my pictures in the magazine, and I will give you my signature.

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The stranger…it’s dangerous or exciting to talk to the stranger? Who maybe a madman or maybe your soul of mate? You will never know who exactly the next stranger you may meet on the train or by street.


As far as I am concerned, to talk to the strangers basically are not always a negative things to do, talking to stranger might be weird thing to do for some people who always confine their steps to tiny, dark and dull world.  They are afraid of screwing up whenever they want to make friends with others, but the truth often turns out different from what they though. In fact, as long as they, the chicken, can conquer the unnecessarily fear to speak up. The outside of the blue sky may show up on their side.

So, what’s the secret to control the fear, are there any tips for that? There are couples of way to work it out. First, you should assert yourself. And try to answer all the questions that I’m going to ask, what typical person you think you are? What kind of personality that u think you have? Do you really know yourself well not only your outlook appearance but also your mind? You can get on quite well with strangers only when you know yourself well, the stranger may judge you from the way that you presented to them, in the another way you do not even know yourself, how can you expect them to give you a smile!  Now, we know, it’s important to know yourself well and also express yourself to other and look at this as an adventure. Just go for it! Just Do it! Do it as no one is watching you!

Actually, I was proud of myself, take my example, now I have had a violin personal tutor who I met in the MDL, and before meeting him, I was depressive about that I couldn’t find violin tutor! But I did conquer the fear of talking to strangers.

Take another instance, one day someone in the corner of the campus change my routine life and enlighten me, after I know the man from the first day, we are on the first-class basis, we even stay up all night long to just talk to each other. And one thing I really appreciate is that he shares every resources that he have owned with me, and toastmaster club is one of those things he offer me, since I have the opportunity to stand on the stage running my presentation, it’s all because of him! Bruce! He is one of strangers I met by street. So, do u still think to talk to the stranger is a negative thing to do?

If your answer were yes! Then I would suggest you that go to watch a movie ‘’Holiday’’ the movie is talking about two female strangers experience a wonderful and special life from exchanging their life. And you might get a feedback from the movie that the most beautiful things in the world may just hide beside you, so go for it! Ok! I am gonna show you the two different situations and you’ll know the result and choose one you wanna be!  First one!  It sucks!  Another one, “see! Which one are you gonna be?”

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Ladies & Gentlemen:  


Last week, I have sorted my document by grade. (from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, university, to graduate school) Looking at these documents, lots of memories showed in my mind. One of the most impressive parts is my transcript. My dear friends, remember your teachers’ praises or comments for you? I’d like to share mine with you.


I am an introvert by nature. My mom told me that she has thought I got autism in my childhood since I seldom speak with others. There are three important turning points of changing my personality. I really appreciate my family’s support and encouragement, so that I’ve become the independent person. Firstly, my parents let me join several extra-curricular activities such as playing the piano, painting, skating, and learning Chinese calligraphy in order to build up my character and confidence. These activities made me benefit more and meet lots of friends. For example, I have played the piano for thirteen years since I was four. I was always selected to be an accompanist for classes’ choirs. It made me get the courage and the opportunity to show on the stage. I enjoyed playing the piano on the stage because I can show myself without doing eye-contact with my audiences. The funny part is that I used to play the piano, but I am out of tune. So never try to make me sing a song.


The second point is to choose English as my major at Soo-chow University. In my university life, the most horrible program for me is “English speech”. We are always asked to create the new topic and do the brainstorming with others in order to do the speech. In fact, that really made me nervous and crazy, but through discussing and cooperating with friends, I got the different interesting learning experiences. These curriculums all enriched my social life and broadened my horizon. After graduating from university, I’ve worked as the children’s English teacher in the cram school for one year. In my teaching process, I’ve found that teaching is the long-term journey, so I have to learn more to enrich myself.


Thus, the final point is to study my MA program in Chung Yuan Christian

University. The multiple teaching curriculums inspire me a lot. The practical subjects made me apply what I have learned into real teaching.  Furthermore, I get more confidence and improve my social ability from these valuable activities and lessons.


However, in my graduate school life, I’ve found that I have met a big dilemma about English day by day. The one is that being the children’s English teacher, I have to use the basic English to teach them, so I used to say, “Listen to me!” “Be quiet!” “Please come here or raise your hand!” My teaching life is full of English classroom management. The other one is that we have to present the academic paper or opinions in class, so our speech is always full of serious style. English becomes the boring tool and makes me feel that I’m not able to communicate with others in English by nature. So, I’m happy to find Toastmasters and come here to develop my English communication again and recover my passion for English. I believe this will be my fourth turning point in my life.


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Ladies and gentlemen, my name is James Lee.  It’s wonderful to be here.  I’m glad to deliver my C1 speech tonight and share my life with you.

        In 1984, I was born in the middle of Taiwan, 南投.  I have one father and one mother just like you.  I also have a younger sister.  She is a reporter of ERA news.  When I was an 8-year-old boy, something happened.  Can you image that I was a skinny boy?  Don’t tell me the answer, thanks.  Because I fell in love with the fried rice, I became fatter.  Now, I am going to use some pictures and document to share my story with you.

        After graduating from elementary school, I enter the Chung Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School and Chinese Air Force Academy.  Yes, I was a cadet.  Do you know what military life is?  Every day, I get up at 5:30, early roll call, eat breakfast, study, lunch, study, exercise, take a shower, dinner, study , night roll call and go to bed at 10 0’clock.  The most important thing is “No girl in school.”  What a boring life!  I really envy the same generation who study in normal school.  But I still have to say that military life taught me a lot.  I did learn something special during these 9 years.  I know how to have a regular and disciplined life.  I know how to show your respect to your teacher, superior and classmates.  I also became a muscleman.  I know I am not in a good shape now.  I’ve already quit from there for 4 years.

        When I was a junior student in air force academy, I found that I’m not interested in electronic engineering anymore.  I believed that if you want to be rich, you have to learn something about business.  At that time, everyone thought I was crazy.  I just need to stay there for one more year; I would become a second lieutenant of air force with $40,000 month salary.  But I still insist on quitting.  I participated in the College Entrance Examination in 2005 and enrolled the Business College of Chung Yuan Christian University.

        OK.  It’s my history.  Now I am going say why I am here.  As you know, English is so important for everyone.  We have to learn English.  But the question is “How?”  Read English news paper?  Make me sleepy.  Try to memorize all the vocabulary in dictionary?  It’s mission impossible.  In my opinion, there are 2 ways to improve the English skills.  The first way is to live in an English environment.  I went to Yellowstone National Park last summer.  After the trip, my TOEIC score increase 150 points.  And I also got the 3rd prize in English speech contest.  In fact, it was my third time join the contest.  I failed twice in final round in past 2 years, in the part of impromptu speech.  It really helped a lot.  The second way, of course, join the toastmaster club.  These are my record: speech marathon, evaluation speaker and speech contest.  I know I am a lazy guy in studying English.  But I don’t want to bring shame on myself.  All I have to do is to sign up the activity first and I will prepare for it.  So, if you want to improve your English, just tell our EVP that you want to deliver a speech.        The last but not the least, I like music and I am a French horn player.  I care about the public welfare and I joined the 30 Hour Famine.  I want to be your friend and I am here.  I hope the Chung Li toastmaster club will become better and better.

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C3  Get to the point
Topic: Strangers are not strange       
Speaker: Rex

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C2 –Organize Your Speech

Topic: We are family                             Iris 2008/10/03


Good evening, fellow members and guests,

It’s my honor to delivery my C2 speech “We are family”. I would like to share some stories about my lovely dog, Lucky.

First of all, let me show you a video (time:30 seconds)


12 years ago, a summer afternoon, my parents took a dog from my grandmother’s home. At first sight, Lucky looked like a stupid dog, because my grandmother’s home was in the countryside, Lucky was curious about everything in the new environment, for example, we remembered that he sat in front of the television and paid attention to watch it and listened to the sounds for a while. He was scared to cross the road because he’d never seen many people or cars on streets before, In order to be familiar with the new environment; my father took him for a walk every day.


Actually, Lucky was a smart and warm dog and although he couldn’t speak, we talked to him by using body language or eye contact and he knew exactly what we meant. For example every Sunday was his shower time, my father would point to the bathroom and said: “Hey, Lucky, it’s time to take a shower” he immediately stood up and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower, he liked to take a rest in front of the house and then enjoyed his sunbathing.


In Chinese New Year, my brother and I always gave Lucky a red envelope and tied it around his neck. Until last year, we created a special style for him. As you can see from the photo that Lucky wore a blue scarf and he looked like a “country girl”. We thought he knew that we made some changes in his appearance, because he was scared to move, and just stood there for a while.  We felt excited and took some photos and said: “Lucky, you are so cute, it’s your new style in this Chinese New Year”


Every day, when we went back to our sweet home, Lucky always shook his tail to welcome us. It was the most important and happy time for our family;

Unfortunately, Lucky ran away from home this year and never returned. He was 12 years old; it was equal to being 84 years of age in human years. We believed that he didn’t let us worry about him and he found a good place to rest.


Recently, there was a movie about dogs" 10 promises to my dog", there is a sentence that I totally agree with “For dogs, there are 10 years to live, human beings should treat them with more kindness and love.” Our family doesn’t intend to raise a new dog in the short term, because we still think Lucky is alive in our memory.


If people have the ability and money to raise pets I hope you can treat them with love, if not, when you see dogs, cats or any other pets, you can just say: “How cute you are and walk away, that will be fine.”


Finally, I want to say: " Lucky, thanks for being with us for 12 years, and we will cherish everything about you."


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Formula! All about Formula! Get out of my life! I am really fed up with you! I got a lot of depression of formula! Although the test paper always come to blank, I believe my life won’t never be but colorful! Now let me show you how colorful it is!

Toastmasters of evening, dear fellow members and most welcome quest! Good evening!

In my childhood I love to play Lego, at that time I build anything I want include sport’s car, plane, boat and even the military base. I can search for creative idea from the movie or advertisement .When it mentions to my Brother…We always fight and fall out with each other. When the situation became worse, then my sister will be the accommodator to cease the war. Since I had memories every time when I went out with Rex, they can’t tell who will be the younger or elder. At that time I felt shy and got disappointed. Baby face or I’m not taller than him. Is this an answer? But now I don’t care about that and get released. Because I known he will be the guy who I have to take care in my whole life.

When I was in senior high school. My classmate invites me to church. At the first, I don’t want to put it in my schedule. But it’s hard to refuse her invitation. Then I got a huge change in the last three years. I learn how to take care of a team and play with the instrument. Including how to sing and be a drummer. It makes my life colorful.  

Fall in love with golf. I have ever been to Australia for learning golf and English when I was a freshman. At the first, everything is relaxed and enjoyable. For example, immense campus, fresh air, luxurious meal. You can fall into a completely tranquility. But the worst was that I can’t leave there by myself. Besides studying English, playing golf is the only thing I can do. Before this expedition I can’t even hold the golf club. Although it’s very difficult to handle and the weather was tough, I am crazy about it. Now the terrible memory is often recalled. I made up my mind that I will continue learning golf after backing to Taiwan. Now I’m a president of the cycu golf club.

Social clubs are also important to most of college student. I’m not out of the exception. One of unforgettable experience is when I was in cycu physics association. Last year we hold a special activity, and it is the largest party in this club. At that night I’m a holder with formal dress, but the formal dress is princess’s style with long hair. I am a man, but at that time I would became a beautiful girl. How embarrassed it is for me? By the way, it’s just a beginning. The most embarrassing situation was that introducing all of the VIP before the party. But I mess it up. Because I didn’t know what’s different among them. In the end I learn “Not the fruit of experience, but experience it self, is the end”.

Owning to time limit, now I still have to go back to study. I believe my life is going to become more colorful by toastmaster. Thank you!


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