Dear toastmasters and guests,

     You are invited to join meeting of Chungli toastmaster club on2016/01/22 (this Friday). The agenda is attached below or linked at

     For the second meeting in year 2016, we have set the meeting theme as "Temper Losing" I believed that we still got fresh memory about last meeting " New Year Resolution" Jot down temper-controlling into the list as part of your resolution because temper-losing can be a disaster to one's live. To know better about the kind of situation you might lost control of your temper will benefit your relationships and career. 

     We also invite 2 VIP- evaluators  respectively from Linko and Legend toastmaster clubs. From these two experienced evaluators, the participants  definitely can dig a lot of treasure from them. 

     Come to the meeting which always brings you delightful experience in terms of pleasure and intellectuality. You not only  have language fun with other participants  but also learn ways to overcome stage fright, practice English and many others. 

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~Jim Rohn

     Take action! These are the people you should spend time with. So, put down your phone, turn off your TV, and come here to meet real friends. This is definitely the best way to spend your weekend .

We are pleased to welcome you to enjoy the meeting at 凡是美藝廊-桃園市中壢區裕民街182F  at7:00pm on 1/8(Friday).

Best regards,


Chungli Toastmaster Club

Vice President of Education



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