Dear fellow members and guests :

You are invited to join the meeting of toastmaster on 2015/12/11.
The theme of 12/11 is "Christmas gift " . You can share to us "What is the greatest Christmas gift have you ever received ? " We will also have a new member induction ceremony to welcome our new friends, Jerry and Amy.

There are three fantastic speakers in this meeting , our member Ron is going to deliver his C3 speech, “Money and happiness”. Oscar will talk about “ Money Money Money always sunny ” . Money is really an important issue. Our motivational speaker Vicky will deliver her C7 speech "My dream ".

It is our honor to invite the President of Taoyuan club, Mell . She
is young and energetic. Besides, she is an excellent evaluator . We must can learn a lot from her.

We are pleased to welcome you to enjoy the meeting. Come relax and let’s have fun at 凡是美藝廊-中壢市裕民街18號2F at 7:00pm on 12/11(Friday).

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